Saturday, 25 February 2012

MovieStarPlanet is amazing. Its my favey website in the whole entire internet! I'm going to tell you about my msp account! My username is trixedixe5, I am lvl 8, VIP and judge (if u dont know what that is GET AN MSP ACCOUNT!!!) And I have 316 friends but that'll change all the time
My bffaeaeae(that best friend forever and ever and ever and ever) is sassylassy
She is lvl 9 and she is super pretty! My favourite MovieStar (except sassylassy) is Lucky Lily
She is lvl 20 and she is really friendly and amazing!!! The day she got 2 lvl 20...Scroll Down:

She must have been so amazed!!!
I would jump around non-stop for 3 days straight if that happened to me! I bet she did that too! And if you look in the bottom right hand corner of her friends you can see Buddy112! (Random)
And it was soooo cool when she went full-on purple!!!
Anyway, as awesome as she is, I don't want my whole blog to be about Lucky Lily.
Another really cool user is ,Bex she is also lvl 20 and this is some pics of Bex.
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This is a picture of Bex in black and yellow, lawlz

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This is the prettiest photo of Bex on google images (in my opinion)
But, once again, Bex isn't the topic of my blog, so...moving on

I'm goin' 2 a party tonight!!! Eep! Be back about 1am so I won't be on msp again today.
2moz is my 3 year old bro, Mason's birthday party. Yipee! Loads of screaming 3 year olds running around my house for 2 hours! Oh, the joy... They are sooooo banned from my room! And on Monday it's my little brothers actual birthday, 27th February, which I'm looking forward to a little cos he's always good when people put him in a good mood. I'm giving him this Zhu Zhu? DVD about hamsters with funny faces, lol.
He wanted it so my mum bought it for me to give it to him. I wanted to get him a gun or sumin'!
But on his bday I can say...
"Sorry, my dear little brother, but mummy refused for me to buy you anything cool or noisy this year..."

That is One Direction! D'uh, D'uh! I Lovee One Direction They Aree The Best! My favee One Direction Song Is...Umm...I Should Have Kissed You! They R The best

Lawl, Scroll Down, How Funniee Is This! (and cute xx)

This That Lawlzz

Ohh Ma Gawwwd
At least it's the weekend, party tonight.
Add benbanana218 On Msp If U Have An Msp Acc (msp is MovieStarPlanet)
I Lovee New Look, Outfit For Party From There, Bst Place Evs!
I <31 Direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1d R The Best!!!! I Have 2 Get Ma Little Brother A Zhu Zhu Dvd For His Bday, ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz I Wanna Get Him A Shotgun!!!! (a fake one like)
What Is A 'Zhu Zhu' Anyway!!! Blog Mini-Tribute
‎1d♥ missm♥sassy ♥bd♥ sparkel♥ evie♥ nial♥ kari♥ sandy ♥mason♥ 
Lawl, See Youz Soon, (mr Hankiee!!!!)
Moustaches Song Is Awesome! Lawlzz