Saturday, 24 March 2012

so i watched titanic last night :)
gosh, i was crying! it's so sad and i had to close my eyes! when the old couple are lying in bed and their rooms flooding...ahhh and when the womens reading her little kids a story and they dont know its sinking...mehhh
it's awful

Friday, 23 March 2012

hi, got my report card home today. it was scary and i hate getting reports home! my mum was reading thorugh it and iw as biting and biting my nails. i was so nervous lol
but my report was fairly good, so i'm gonna relax next year a little more...
so when next year comes im gonna say
"ahh! oh no, the reports go home today!!!!! im sooooo scared!" and scream. just relaxing.....
and then the wait may finaly be over! i might finaly get my msp pics onto my bloggie!!!
canny wait but toodles
im off to scream
and oh yh! IM WATCHING THE TITANIC TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yey <3"

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Postin 1..2..3....
Lol xx I am completly and utterly knackered out of all the things I could do...I feel wheezy, I did a truck load of runnin at skl 2day, and it's knackered me and I can just type. I don't think its meant to have made we sick intentionally, but you know teacherz... The fact it made me feel bad is proof enough eh? I just kinda wanted to blame the teacher for once, instead of the teacher blaming meee.
Now,recently I found that my friend Berthalott on msp, has had one of her movies but on YouTube by someone else! Here's a clip of the movie, 
if you wanna see it on YouTube, hit in 'moviestarplanet mad scientist' I want her to go global lol   I dont know if she w\ants 2 go viral though...It b weird if she did...But hey ho cos my whole blog ain't about her sowwie Magley lolzzzzzz. 
                           HELP WANTED 4 TRIXEDIXE5!
I have always dreamed of winning this...And recieving a mail something like this one. my friend got...But 1st place instead, preferably. I have it all planned out and I think I may have a chance at winning or even coming 2nd or 3rd. But I won't stand a chance without your votes, and if I recieve your votes, I will freak if I win anything...Wishful thinking, just think wishfully, trixe...
Hey ho for that award if you don't help me I'm getting a 100,00 sc pack so I can give wishiees, to the nicest comments. So thankyou if you support me on my mission, Love Trixe xx <3"

By 4 2day but I'll blog later xxxxx

Sunday, 18 March 2012

On my last post I ended with 'cute and funny' things!
Here are some more that I found before we move on! :)

                      In case you cant see it it says, '
                                             Looka the guilt on his face! It's so lol!

Why are some jokes painfully funny?
It's the punchline! How BAD is That! Our generation should be updated!

I can't find anymore...
But I need mony and I won't stop until I get it! et me money or I it myself?

I was looking at unfunny jokes and this came up

 ??? Its kinda funny but still wawt the fudgerz? I'd lol if I drove past dat!

I think I shud say byezie bye so