Monday, 16 April 2012


So, here is a story for you; ..................
The Torture Dimension
It was a sunny day, and I sat at my desk and touched up my make-up, I sat after and waited for a long time for Elena to come and pick me up for our usual Saturday credit-card workout, but she was very late. I was still in a daze and was not properly woken yet, even though it was 12:30. I decided quickly to call Elena and see what was up. I dialled her number in my Blackberry and plugged my earphones in, so I could take to her and continue to find the necklace I was rummaging for in my desk drawer. "Emm...Elena? Are you there?" There was a few seconds silence on the phone..."Oh gosh, come on Elena..." I was given the shock of my life when I heard a loud clang through my earphones and a screech, I had heard Elena screaming before, and that was most definetly.....Elena's scream...The phone went dead, and my head started spinning. "Mum!" I called on my mum, and then immediatley wished I hadn't, I wanted to think about it first. But I could hear her coming up, she then walked into the room. "Yes, honey. I heard you shouting." Ugh! What could I say? "I wanted a glass of water..." I covered and wondered if she would recognise my sarcasm. "Get it yourself, you lazy little lady, you are!" She beamed and giggled, she looked as if she was in the exact opposite mood from me. She looked all happy and good mooded, like there was nothing she needed do to (for once), and that she didn't really have a care-in-the world or a thought in her head. I decided to call her dad, in the house, see if he knew anything, though I highly doubted it. Why was she screaming? Who answered her phone? She wouldn't just answer the phone and scream into the speaker, that'd be stupid...
The phone rang. "Hello? Oh, hello Lottie! What can I do for you today, young lady?" Ahaha! We must have me number on caller idea! Cool, but that wasn't it. He deserved to know what I heard. "Where's Elena today?" "Well, she was supposed to be at yours, and then going to the shopping mall, know ain't that right lovie?" "Well, yes but...I need to tell you something important. Do you mind if I come over to talk?" "Oh, Yes, but isn't Elena coming to your house?" What to say? What should I say?
"I don't think she'll be coming today Mr Gallagher, that's kinda what I need to talk about. Is that alright?" There was a very short silence, and I considered he was considering. "Oh, um ...Yes, indeed ,Well goodbye see you then"

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