Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I got rid of my advert banner that read *TRIXE'S BLOGGIE* cause it cut off the 1st bit opff writing on me bloggie
So soz for the angry post about the banner. I found another pic of me bestie...
 Thats her and The $hort Movie Maker. Lolz! They're Saying Cheese! Thats Fun!
Cheese Is Fun! And This Is My Second Favourite Lvl Seventeen, Hanna1    Soz Hanna, But eviejayne Is Just Real Nice, You're Nice Too Butr vie Is A Gd Friend... :)

  I feel really awful that I either wasn't on msp, or didn't know about competions when this comp was out :(... It looks so fun even though I can still buy Candy Comp Clothes now! And animations and backgrounds, I have one of the animations anyway...Eating Candyfloss! It's such a fun animation!
So, Bye! Lemme' See Yooh's Soonz

          Bye From Trixe!

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