Thursday, 15 March 2012

LOOKLolz, I've found lots of funny things to do here! 1st is.....
 The burger is basically cheeky! It would b cool if they used cheese strings 4 hair....But if this burger too stuborn to look stupid then 1. Tough 4 u 2.U already look stupid!
What about dis one!  Right, that is more 'scary food' because he looks like some sort of living melon dead.....L.O.L!!!!
I have more!
 Lol, the killer roll! It's just fun! Think twice about not locking ur doors at night! Killer roll on the loose! Lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I love him

More?                                     Its John Lemon!!!!
 Im going to see John Lemon in concert on Thursday! (i amn't actually gonna see John Lennon)   Nuf funny food
Funny but cute!

baby elmo is so cute Aww! Baby elmo! That is the cutest thing I've ever seen I know all the 'elmo and i know it' words LOOK!
When I walk on by, u might see me this little red guy
I skip to the beat walkin' down de street cant see ma feet yeah!
This is how I roll, red fluffy fur is gettin outta control!
(something something something) Im so cute I dont wear clothes yo!
Kids looka these crayons! Kids looka these crayons! Kids looka these crayons! I Make Art!

When I walk in Elmo's room, this is all I see.
Drawer and Mr. Noodle are starin' at me!
I got Dorothy in a bowl and I ain't afraid to show it show it show it show it!

I know the rest but I can't be bothored typing it all...
This is elmo's fish Dorothy!
 I have more funny and cute things!

 Aww! Young hamster/gerbil love!!!!

More cute stuff soon......G2G and have 2 save now bye!

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