Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Postin 1..2..3....
Lol xx I am completly and utterly knackered out of all the things I could do...I feel wheezy, I did a truck load of runnin at skl 2day, and it's knackered me and I can just type. I don't think its meant to have made we sick intentionally, but you know teacherz... The fact it made me feel bad is proof enough eh? I just kinda wanted to blame the teacher for once, instead of the teacher blaming meee.
Now,recently I found that my friend Berthalott on msp, has had one of her movies but on YouTube by someone else! Here's a clip of the movie, 
if you wanna see it on YouTube, hit in 'moviestarplanet mad scientist' I want her to go global lol   I dont know if she w\ants 2 go viral though...It b weird if she did...But hey ho cos my whole blog ain't about her sowwie Magley lolzzzzzz. 
                           HELP WANTED 4 TRIXEDIXE5!
I have always dreamed of winning this...And recieving a mail something like this one. my friend got...But 1st place instead, preferably. I have it all planned out and I think I may have a chance at winning or even coming 2nd or 3rd. But I won't stand a chance without your votes, and if I recieve your votes, I will freak if I win anything...Wishful thinking, just think wishfully, trixe...
Hey ho for that award if you don't help me I'm getting a 100,00 sc pack so I can give wishiees, to the nicest comments. So thankyou if you support me on my mission, Love Trixe xx <3"

By 4 2day but I'll blog later xxxxx

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