Saturday, 3 March 2012

Well, I have a very serious matter to argue for and I would very much apprectiate it if you could either defend or argue against me in the blog comments...
I personally think the price for clothes, backgrounds, animations e.t.c on is ridiculously high! I have many real friends who are very knowldegble on MoveStarPlanet, but do not look like it because they cannot afford clothes for the prices they are. Admin should lower the prices of clothes as one day, people will have had enough, and stop buying things on MovieStarPlanet. Or possibly, the website will start loosing peoples' interest! I have tooken some interviews with my friends on MovieStarPlanet, this is what they said...
What do you think of the prices of the MovieStarPlanet stuff?
1)I think they're acceptable but I wouldn't mind if the prices were lowered
3) I think the prices should be lowered as I am not happy with them at all

What do you think the best price could range around?
1)For a t-shirt or something I'd say about 100 - 250 starcoins and animations about 50 - 100 starcoins, and backgrounds, face stuff about 50 - 100 starcoins.
3) Clothes ; About no more than 50 starcoins
Animations ; 10 - 100 starcoins
Backgrounds ; 100 - 200 starcoins
Face stuff ; happy with that price

Do you think we should have to pay to feed our virtual pets?
1) We should only have to pay about 3-5 starcoins for that.
3) We most definetrley shouldn't have to pay any more than 1 starcoin for that.

What would YOU do to lower the prices?
1)I wouldn't really do anything really because like I said the prices are ok but I wouldn't mind if they were lower
3) I will spread the word to as many people as I can and possibly even mail Admin to get the matter sorted.It is really annoying me.

All the no. 1 opinions came from the same person, same with no. 2 and no.3 is my opinion.

Best Regards,
trixedixe5 (MovieStarPlanet)
TrixeInMsp (blogspot)

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