Friday, 9 March 2012

Hey, If Yooh R Me Friend On Msp, Yoohd Probly Know That My Bezzie Is Sassylassy ( And I Happened To Find A Pic Of Her, Lvl 15, Sweestar101 And Sweetstar's Bezzie rebbecablacky. Take A Look. I really like me bezzie cos she's weird and random, but a true friend at the same time...(we know in real life each other) You know we've never had ONE argument!!!!
Its weird but its wat makes us bff's xx 
Toast To Sassylassy x ;') (that'll sound weird if u dunno wat it means lol)
Sassylassy is the one in the red dress, she looks pwetty :). I cannot wait to see if the editing I did to my blog worked. Cos I went right on to New Post, after I had done editing what I wanted. Its nevs gonna b perect. But I Hope SOME Stuff worked, at least.
So dats meh bloggie 2dai! If the edit worked plz trell me if u like the changes!! 
                           Yours sincerely, TrixeInMsp

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