Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Yesterday, I was off skl with sickness, and the dy b4 that....and 2day....
I hope I don't have the Lucky Lily Lollipop Disease! Lols!!! If U Were 2 Go And Read That And U Didn't Know What The Lucky Lily Lollipop Disease Was...Tough Luck, U'l Nvs Find Out! And Thanks 2 magical234 For Letting Me Take Sparklee Images From Her Blog On My Last Post xx ;') Yesterday, One Of My MSP Friends Suggested That I Doo A Little Bit Called RANDOMLY CATEGORISING STUFF!
It's Basically PickATopic Talk Bout Topic...Good Things, Bad Things, Changed Things e.t.c. Lets Go!!!!!
Good Things: They fill you up. There healthy. They are a nice color. They grow goodly.
Bad Things. They taste manky. They look horrible when they get squashed. They look horrible when they go bad. They are a manky green color when they're growing.
Weird Things. Thery're shaped like telephones. They are disliked a LOT(especalyy by mee). They alook like little hooks. They grow on trees?! I just found that out!!!!!

Good Things: Its loud! You can listen to it whenever you please! It's all diffrent. You can dance to it. You can create it! You can sing it or with it.It brought us One Direction!!!!!(that's  the bst one!!)
 Bad Things: It can get TOO loud. Some music is bad! It brought us Justin Bieber. It can burst your eardrums for fudge sake!
Weird Things: It can sound like. Boom Boom La ya Er i dont know whata sing!!!!!I am crazy!!!!i like this sonnnnnggggggg!!!! Do u like this soooonnnnnnngggg!!!!!????? It can sound funny! :D

Justin Bieber:

Good Things: Umm...............................................................Im Stuck
Bad Things: He's horrible. His music can burst your eardrums. His face is everywhere! (Its hanuting) People like him!!!
Weird Things: People like him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOT MEHHHH!!!!!!!

Thanks for the gr8 bloggy idea! Trixe. Out

                                   Yours ....something......TrixeInMsp, trixedixe5

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